Sunday, February 19, 2006

Up to another round of cheese

I went on snowboard vacation to Bulgaria. A first timer, great fun!

Finished level 4, 5 of mini circle 2 (= cycle 2) (ex. 618-955) with an average score of 80 & 76%. Although I have not finished yet level 6 for the 2nd time I already redone level 4 for the 3rd time. There my score was 84%. I will progress now to level 6 and try to complete these in a reasonable time. In this way I can complete mini-circle 2 for the 3rd time.

I got my new ELO (feb). It remained the same (1513). The games I played this season are not yet being taken into account. The tournaments are still in progress. According to my calculation I gathered an increase of 30 points. It is not much but it is not bad either. So let's continue this upward trend.

Last year I only played 8 OTB games. I gained an increase of 60 points. The big difference was the level of the tournament. I played against players with an average strength 250 ELO higher than mine. I learned a lot.

It is important to play against people (for a Class player) which are rated 200-300 points higher than yourself. In this way you can gain a lot of points if you win, substantial if you draw but loose only a marginal amount when you are defeated. Anyway you cannot relax when playing them. So I think this is a very good exercise.

Unfortunately in my case, this year, I play equally or lower rated players. Let's say I am top level player in a bottom rated-class. It would have been better If I could play against stronger players but tournament organizers stick too much their classifications. So I vote for open ELO-rated tournaments with less class barriers. Unfortunately again they are hard to find around here.


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