Saturday, November 19, 2005

After the reload a down-load!

Due to limited time I have decided to break up the circels in smaller parts. I will device three mini circles based on the levels. So mini circle one will be level 1-2-3 and comprises about 617 ex. Next mini circle will be level 4-5-6 and last circle will be level 7-8-9.Finished level 2 with an overall rating of 96% and should finish level 3 this weekend.

I have played since my last blog three games. Three wins but one would think that my chess is in great shape. Truth is, it is not so. Seemingly in my last two games I get a good position and/or advantage in material and then I get lazy. And in a couple of moves I can blow a good position into a crappy situation. And then I start my swindles.
I take my bottle of beer, look at it real good, swear outloud to caissa, smile to my opponent and the rest is history...

-Tried CPT, and was quite impressed with it.-


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