Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No, no cheese this time, but beer

Finished 942 exercises and still 14 ex. to go to finish level 5. Current rating is 68% for this level. Next week starts tournament play. I am quite curious. Last year I had a good result in that tournament. Played average of 230 ELO's above my rating. Open tournament 1400 up to 2100, 7 rounds Swiss, 2 hours 40 moves , 1 hour 20 moves, 15 minutes KO. Starting time 20.00hr. So sometimes it became very exhausting.
Anyway my opponents always ask me at the beginning of the match what I want to drink. They mostly expect, I think, coffee, Cola, H20.... I regret that I have to disappoint them coz I always order a very, expensive strong beer.:-)

If one loose you still have the beer to comfort you.


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