Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Give me another one-will you

Finished 821 exercises and with this the 4th level. My performance rating dropped to a meager 70%. I am positive that in the future it will crush but I am just curious when it will hit the bottom. Have patience my friend the inevitable will happen. I hope rather late than soon but I already can smell Death's breath. So the next level will be very painful. By the way I found a job, pays well- I'll keep it that way. Downside: I am a bit exhausted when I come home. The benefits of life in full glory. Who doubts that?

Current status: Cycle 1

Level 1 – completed – score 99%
Level 2 – completed – score 92%
Level 3 – completed – score 85%
Level 4 – completed – score 70%

Just read that Nezha quits for a while or permanently... What a pity! I liked his postings very much. Now I have to find a new victim. Che


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